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Do you want to learn how to crochet primrose granny squares? If so, this free model is a perfect choice-especially for beginners. This is a simple and easy primrose pattern that teaches you all the basics of crocheting.

If you have just learned how to crochet, or you need to quickly and simply make something as a gift for family and friends, the granny square is a great crochet idea. You can use granny squares to make many crocheted products, such as clothes, pillows, crochet tote bags, crochet hats, and can also be used as coasters and blankets to decorate your home.

After you finish, The new primrose granny squares are beautiful and bright in color, so people will love it very suitable for making all kinds of crochet items you like! The best part of this simple mode is that it is customizable; use your favorite yarn color to process it to create your unique look! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your hook and let's start crocheting the primrose granny square!

Project Materials

Here are the materials you’ll need for this project.

100% cotton thread,125 meters/50 grams

Size N / 9mm crochet hook

Crochet Needle (like a blunt-tipped tapestry needle)


Measuring Tape

The stitches used in this tutorial are as follows:

Single crochet – short stitch; half double medium and long stitch; double crochet long stitch; European crochet long stitch; sliding stitch pull.

Special needle method: popcorn needle; 3 long needle jade knitting

So, grab your crochet hook and wool, let's get started! Circular starting needle, 4 lock needles (Picture 1), 1 long needle, 1 lock needle

Figure (1, 2)

Continue to hook 6 groups of 1 long stitch and 1 lock stitch. When the last lock stitch is completed, there should be 8 stitches (Figure 3), and then connect the end to the end.

Figure (3, 4)

Pull out at the position of 4 lock stitches and 1 long stitch in the previous row (Figure 5), disconnect the thread and change the color, next we are going to hook the first set of popcorn stitches, attach a new color thread at any position, 3 lock stitches (Image 6)

Figure (5, 6)

Hook 4 long stitches at the position of 1 lock stitch in the previous row, so you should have 5 stitches (Figure 7). Let go of the stitches on the crochet stitch, insert the crochet stitch from the first set of lock stitches to the last stitch, and hook the one that was released before. That needle, pull the coil

Figure (7, 8)

3 lock stitch (Picture 9) Now we are going to hook the second set of popcorn stitches on the next lock stitch

Figure (9, 10)

The method is still the same as above, hook 4 long stitches in the same lock stitch, insert from the first 3 lock stitches to the last stitch (Picture 11), pull out and continue to hook 3 lock stitches (Picture 12)

Figure (11, 12)

Hook a circle of popcorn needles according to the above method. Next, we are going to hook the jade knitting. Insert a new color and 3 lock stitches in any popcorn needle at the 3 lock stitch position (Picture 14)

Figure (13, 14)

Now we are going to hook the "incomplete long needle", wind the thread, insert the 3 lock stitch positions in the previous circle, wind the thread, pull out the loop (you should have 3 loops in the crochet stitch), wind the thread, and place the loop in the first two Pull out

Now there are 2 stitches on the crochet needle (Picture 15). Repeat the above steps to continue hooking the "incomplete long stitch". Finally, there should be 3 stitches on the crochet needle (Picture 16)

Figure (15, 16)

Wind the wire and pass through these 3 coils to complete a jade knitting (picture 17) and 2 lock stitches (picture 18)

Figure (17, 18)

Next, continue to crochet the jade knitting on the 3 lock stitches of the popcorn needle in the previous circle, hook 3 "incomplete long stitches" (picture 15 above) this time you should have 4 stitches on the crochet needle (picture 19). Thread, pull all 4 loops to complete a jade knitting, 2 lock stitches (Picture 20)

Figure (19, 20)

Continue with the above method. At each 3 lock stitch position in the previous circle, hook 2 sets of 3 long stitch jade knitting, hook to the end in one circle, and pull out at the first 2 lock stitch position (Figure 22)

Figure (21, 22)

Now we need to hook the background color, change the thread of another color, insert 3 lock stitches at any 2 lock stitch positions in the previous circle (Picture 23) and hook a long needle at the same position (Picture 24)

Figure (23, 24)

Hook the 3 long needle in the next lock stitch position (Figure 25) and hook the 3 long stitch in the next position (Figure 26)

Figure (25, 26)

At the next lock stitch position, we have to hook out the corners. We need to hook 3 long stitches, 2 lock stitches, and 3 long stitches at the same lock stitch position (Figure 27). The next position is 3 long stitches, then 3 medium-length stitches, then 3 long stitches, hook a corner, 3 long stitches, 2 lock stitches, and 3 long stitches (Picture 28)

Figure (27, 28)

Hook 3 long stitches in the next position, then 3 medium-length stitches, try 3 long stitches, 3 long stitches, 2 lock stitches, and 3 long stitches (Picture 29). Repeat the above hooking method again (Picture 30) )

Figure (29, 30)

In the last line, hook 1 short stitch at the position of the first 3 lock stitches. Here we do not pull out, we do seamless stitching, and stitch back and forth with the sewing needle as shown in Figure 32.

The last stitch passes through the back (Picture 33) a primrose grandmother checkered pattern is completed.

This tutorial is super simple! The tutorial is super detailed! People with poor comprehension ability like Xiaobian can fully understand it!

GET this skill, you can put together blankets, pillows, clothes, as long as you can think of it, you can do it.




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