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Today I would like to share with you a crochet bag. The thread used is thicker. It is suitable for crocheting storage boxes, cushions, bags and other household items. I used it to crochet a bag. Because of the thick thread, the bag is very stiff. The lining is also very stylish and feels very practical to match with casual clothes.

crochet bag

Wire: 4 groups of thick wire

Tool: 6.0mm crochet hook


crochet bag

Weaving Instructions:

1. Bottom of the bag: 6 short stitches in a loop, add stitches in each circle according to the following rules, and add 54 stitches to the end.

R1: ring from 6X;










crochet bag

2. Body: 54 stitches without adding or subtracting 23 lines

3. Wrapping tape: Divide the 54 stitches on the 24th row equally, with 27 stitches in the front and the back, 9 stitches in the middle, and crochet 36 debate stitches, and continue to crochet a row of short stitches to end.

crochet bag

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