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Sunflower is the sun in everyone's heart. It is positive, optimistic, and full of love. Many people admire it.
Today I am sharing a crochet sunflower pendant pattern with everyone, and I hope you will like it!

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Blingcute crochet

Blingcute crochet

Two flower heart hooks
The first piece: R1: ring up 6x R2: outer half pin 6v
R3: outer half needle (x, v) 6 R4: outer half needle (x, v, x) 6 R5: outer half needle (3x, v) 6
R6: outer half pin (2x, v, 2x) 6
Hook 3 lock stitches on the remaining inner half stitches of R1-R4, pull 3 upsides down, and pull out one empty stitch on the next stitch; this is a group, repeat, crochet all inner half stitches, the second piece R1: loop up 6x R2: 6v
R3:(x,v)6 R4:(x,v,x)6 R5:(3x,v)6
R6: (2x, v, 2x) 6
Hook two lock stitches on the inner half stitches of R5-R6, hook the next stitch with a long stitch, long, long stitch, long stitch, then crochet another dog's tooth stitch, next stitch with a long, long, long stitch, long, long stitch The needle, the long needle, and the two lock needles are drawn in the next stitch. Repeat this for one set, and crochet the remaining inner half stitches. When hooking the petal stitch of R6, combine the second flower centre and hook it together.

11 lock stitches, barbed hooks x, t, 6f, t, w, t, 6f, t,

Second Circle: 10x, (x, Dog Tooth Needle, x), 10x
A total of 4 hooks are hooked, and each pair is drawn back to back in a circle.

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