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Did you realize that merging crochet granny squares is just as fascinating as making them? Whether you know it or not, the join you choose for completing tasks has a significant impact on the final appearance of your things. Learning about the many sorts of joins will equip you with the knowledge you need to complete tasks in an ideal way for the effect you want to accomplish. These joining methods will increase what you can make, whether you're linking granny squares or other motifs like crochet pentagons.

crochet granny square bag

1. Join using Whip Stitch

Whipstitch can be used to sew granny squares together, but it can also be used to sew seams, attach other crocheted pieces, and add decorative elements all around the edge of a crocheted piece. This is a must-know crochet technique for even the most novice crocheters.

2. Join with a slipping stitch

A slip stitch join is a straightforward crocheted connection. Because it is done with a crochet hook, it is an excellent solution for those who do not want to use sewing techniques in their crochet work. The slip stitch is used to join two motifs. 

3. Join with a single crochet stitch

This would be done the same way as the slip stitch join, with a recognizable crochet stitch linking two motifs. Because the single crochet stitch is taller than the slip stitch, the seaming will be a little heavier and won't lie flat in this situation. This is an excellent joining approach for when you want to add intricacy to your joining.

4.Joining Reverse Mattress Stitch

This connection is worth studying if you're seeking a discreet, barely-there join for crocheted squares or pieces. It allows for an almost smooth connecting process. This is ideal for combining elements of crocheted garments when the seams should not be seen.

5. Joining a Flat Braid

The technique's name comes from the nicely textured join, which resembles a crochet braid. It's a beautiful method to link granny squares together. This method would be beneficial for combining enclosures or panels that have a strongly textured or aran-style appearance.

6. AKA Fringe Join, this is a rag-quilt-style join.

A love of rag quilts inspired this example of combining crochet motifs. It has the appearance of a rag quilt yet is entirely made of crochet. It's a textured form of joining that you'll generally want to use only sometimes, but it may be successful for specific applications.

crochet granny square tote bag
Single granny square bag

Step-by-step instructions for crocheting a granny square

Here are fantastic instructions with crochet patterns that show how to make afghans, scarves, hats, and bags using granny squares.

Step 1: Making the First Round - From Slipknot to Joining

Tying a slipknot with your yarn and place the hook into the knot.

Four stitches are chained.

Hook your needle into the first stitch (closest to the slipknot).

Turn the yarn around and draw it through the stitch. Pass the stitch through your hook's loop.

Three stitches are chained.

Crochet into the ring twice more.

Make second double crochet into the ring.

The first "shell" of the granny square is made up of these stitches. Three double crochets are joined in the same area to form a shell. Please note that triple crochet is substituted for double crochet.

There will be four shells in the first round. You'll need to chain 2 stitches between each surface in the first round.

Make a second shell by chaining two and crocheting three double crochets into the ring (this is shell number 2).

Make another shell by chaining two more times and crocheting three double crochets into the ring (shell number 3).

Make the last shell for round one by chaining 2 more times.

You now have four shells and can put them together.

Insert your hook into the second stitch of the first shell you formed after chaining 2 stitches (the second stitch on chain 3 we did directly after making the ring).

Yarn over and pull through the stitch with your hook. Stitch through the loop on your theme with a slip stitch.

The first round is now complete. This round is repeated in all subsequent games. The only variation is the number of shells you'll construct and the number of chain stitches you'll use to connect them.

Step 2: Round Two

The square's first round is over. Begin round two by chaining three stitches in a straight line.

Double crochet into the massive hole near the 'chain three's' base.

Double crochet into the same hole once again. This creates a "shell" of three double crochets.

Make a single chain. You only chain one between the shells on the square's edge. You make two chains between a collection of bodies at the square's corner.

In the next hole, make a new shell.

Make two chains.

Make a second shell.

Continue in this pattern until the round is finished.

As indicated in step one, join the first and last shells.

You can continue with as many rounds as you wish at this stage.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Cut your working yard once you've finished your final circle, leaving six to eight inches of yarn.

Take the yard and pull it straight through the last slip stitch you did. This will protect it from unraveling by tying it off.

The loose ends must now be sewn in. Thread the yarn through the needle with a big hand.

Thread the needle through multiple loop clusters. Repeat numerous times if necessary. This step has no unique formula; simply sew it in discretely. Pull it tight and cut it off when you're through.

Carry on with the other loose end in the same manner.

What are some unique items you can crochet?

crochet granny square

·Crochet blanket

·Granny square tote bag

·Crochet bouquet

·Crochet coaster

·Handmade crochet decor

·iPhone cover with a cup of coffee

·Coasters with flowers

·Slippers made with crochet

·hefty basket



Congratulations on finishing your granny square. Once you've mastered single-color granny squares, you can try your hand atmulti-color granny squares.

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