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Spring is here, everything is revived, spring flowers are blooming, and green beauty is everywhere.

We've collected some flowers you'll love, put you in a good mood, and are a gift for you in spring!

Crochet flowers, a bouquet that will always remain beautiful without wilting, are not only gifts for friends and family .but also add beautiful scenery to your home decoration.

crochet flowers

Crochet forget-me-not flowers

Many people know that forget-me-not is a flower that symbolizes love and is often given as a gift between lovers. Forget me not is. Never forget me. Each crochet forget-me-not bouquet has seven small flowers and two leaves. It is hand-crocheted and will never go out of style. Like a little angel who fell from the sky, it will always be by our side.


Crochet Daisy

Daisy flowers are small and exquisite, pure and lovely. Hand-made a bunch of white crochet daisy flowers for the opposite sex of your crush. If you don't dare to confess it face to face, it is most suitable to send a flower representing your crush.

Crochet Rose

Roses represent love and mean sincere love. People usually give them to their lovers during festivals. On Valentine's Day, isn't it a great surprise to receive a unique bouquet of crochet roses!

 Crochet  Carnations 

Carnations symbolize the selfless devotion of a mother's love. Make a bouquet of carnations that will never fade and give it to your mother. She will love it very much! Forever love, always preserved!


Crochet sunflowers

Crochet sunflowers represent vitality and vigor. They follow the sun all the time, giving people infinite warmth. Therefore, giving sunflowers to family and friends represents not only a heart but also a blessing.




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    They’re really nice! Thank you!

    May 13, 2022 at 06:42
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    Apr 28, 2022 at 03:41
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