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Hi, everyone, today I have a bunch of crochet flowers waiting for you to collect, simple and beautiful, and the effect of casual matching will be amazing. If you like to weave flowers and plants, come and practice with a small flower and leaf first! The crocheted leaves can be made into headdresses, corsages, or to match with bags and clothes.

Here I especially collect and organize some flower and leaf crochet diagrams to share with you. The symbols of the patterns are the most basic stitches. The needling method is to change between braid needles, short needles, medium and long needles, and long and long needles, which is very suitable for beginners to learn!

Let's first look at the effect of these little flower combinations, isn't it particularly beautiful? Fresh, cute, and beautiful feeling~

Can be made into hair accessories。

Can also be combined with a flower heart shape.

Do the little flowers of different shapes make you very excited?

Crochet leaves are also very good decorations, and flowers should have green leaves for a complete effect. After the leaves are crocheted, they look great together.

The crochet method of florets is not complicated. After basically having these patterns, one can be crocheted in a few minutes. After completion, it can be made into clothes, scarves, bags, or embellishments for shoes, and can also be made into ornaments for use to Decorate your home.

Are you deeply attracted by such elegant and fresh works? Flowers have always been the best accessories for women. Girls who like crocheting should not miss these simple flowers and grasses.
Do the little flowers of different shapes make you very excited?





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