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Many female friends like crochet jacquard to make their favorite crochet products.

The jacquard diagrams shared this time can be used for fruit, flower, animal, crochet, and needle.


In this white rabbit storage basket, the crochet method is to pick the middle of the short needle to form a braid pattern.

This is a diagram; the white part is the tail, the gray region, the white portion is hooked back and forth with two lines, and the new lines can be pressed below.

This is a cat jacquard backpack, which is also more practical. Let's take a look at the diagram.

The illustration is relatively small and will be more verbose when hooked. You can join clothes or something, see what you like.

This is a flower. The effect of crocheting and knitting clothes is perfect. If you like it, you can try it.

The strawberry pattern is also lovely. Let's keep it.

This looks like ice cream; I think it's normal; I can use it if I like it.

Fruit shape pear illustration, this one is relatively simple; purple and yellow are interwoven, and green is added at the end.

Small cherry patterns, crocheted hats are better, gloves are also good, today's charts are shared, and if you like them, keep them.

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  • ceren

    loved the rabbit basket!! thank you for the patterns

    May 07, 2022 at 15:23

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